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    Corralejo is the island's largest and most complete tourist resort on Fuerteventura.
    Corralejo is located on the northeast side of Fuerteventura opposite the small island of Lobos.
    You can take a boat trip to Lobos from the port of Corralejo and from here also boats to Lanzarote.
    The fishing atmosphere in the Old Town is a perfect environment for taking a leisurely stroll or drinking good wine. Fresh fish is offered in restaurants in the area.
    If your goal is to get fit then this is the perfect place for surfing or kite surfing and it is common to see these sports practiced here because the conditions for it are perfect.
    After the white sand beach there are cafes and restaurants where you can recharge and continue to enjoy the pleasant climate of the island. Among the accommodation options you will find both hotels and luxury villas, which guarantees a pleasant holiday.
    Fuerteventura's most beautiful beaches can be found further south in Jandia.
    Here is a 3 km long sandy beach which is also a shallow sandy beach which is perfect for families with children. In Jandia there are wind surfers from all over the world.
    In August, each year the World Championships in windsurfing are held here.

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    You can travel to Fuerteventura with a charter company.
    Either a complete trip with accommodation or an air chair and then book accommodation separately.

    It is also possible to fly scheduled flights.
    From the airport you take bus, taxi or rental car.

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    Museo de la Sal
    In the middle of the island's east side around the Caleta de Fuste area is the Museo de la Sal (Salt Museum) where you can see large pools used for the extraction of salt from the sea water. Near Las Salinas beach the view is incredible and there is also a small restaurant serving fresh fish.
    There are many vantage points on the island and you will definitely get the perfect holiday pictures from any of them. A couple of vantage points are located south of the town of Cofete where you can see both sides of the island at the same time. Itsmo de la Pared is clearly the most impressive site with sand sculptures created by the erosion of the time. The Tindaya volcano also has a nice viewpoint.
    One of the most beautiful cliffs on the island is in the center near Antigua with palm trees and windmills to pump water. A perfect place for a picnic and nice pictures.
    Betancuri Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography
    In Puerto del Rosario is this museum where you can learn about the island's geology and different types of life origins on the island. There are several departments at this museum that deal with the Maxot people who have claimed to be the indigenous people of Fuerteventura who also have their own language.

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