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    Aegina is a 30-minute boat ride south of Athens. Egina is the largest of the Saronic Islands. Egina has an interesting history and a lot of sights.
    It is a beautiful island with lemon groves and olive groves.
    Aegina is the closest destination for Athens residents. Egina town is nice with its narrow alleys, cafes, fish market and small shops. There are many Greeks in Aegina who have bought a summer house especially on the northern side. Aegina consists of high mountains that descend towards the green valleys where pistachios are grown, the best in Greece it is said. Other tourists usually live in the Agia Marina on the east coast.
    If you are looking for nightlife on this island then it is Agia Marina that applies.
    There are several beaches but the best is Klima Beach.

  • Travel information

    You can go to Aegina with a charter company or on your own via Athen.
    The easiest way is to fly scheduled flight to Athens or an air chair with a charter company

    You can easily get from Piraeus in Athens to Aegina by boat
     From Athens airport, take bus X96 to Piraeus where you buy a boat ticket directly on the quay.
    You can pre-book tickets to the speedboats as they may be fully booked some days. Timetable and booking HERE

  • Sights

    Afea Temple
    It is the island's main attraction, which was built in 490 BC. Located above Agia Marina.
    Open from 8am to 5pm every day. Entry.

    Agios Nektarios
    A large monastery in the mountains between Agia Marina and Aegina.
    A ghost town that is completely deserted. In the 900s, people fled here to escape pirates and warships. Today there are only churches and ruins and there is a compact silence.
    Archaeological Museum
    Located in Aegina town north of the harbor.

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