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    Halkidiki is located in northern Greece in Macedonia with many tourist resorts and within driving distance to many of the biggest and best attractions.
    Halkidiki consists of three fingers that extend into the sea with many beautiful beaches. For the culturally interested, there are many interesting places to visit. Many child-friendly resorts with shallow sandy beaches. Halkidiki's three peninsulas differ a great deal in character, which means that the chances of finding a holiday resort that fits your wishes are very high. Another advantage is that the peninsula is quite close to each other so a car journey between the peninsula takes about an hour.
    The peninsula located farther west (Kassandra) is most tourist-friendly with most hotels and long beaches with restaurants and entertainment near the hotels.
    The central peninsula (Sithonia) is less touristy and greener and a bit wilder in nature. Suitable for naturalists and campers.
    The eastern island (Athos) is not a tourist destination as it is its own monk republic with 2000 monks and about 20 monasteries. Visa is required.

  • Travel information

    You can travel to Halkidiki with a charter company.
    Either a complete trip with accommodation or an air chair and then book accommodation separately.
    You fly to Thessaloniki and from there bus to Halkidiki.
    You can also fly scheduled flight to Thessaloniki.

  • Sights

    Petralona Cave
    During the Katsika route about 5 km from Thessaloniki lies the Petralon Cave and is an exciting experience that you must visit if you have the opportunity. It was discovered in 1959 and found a skull from a man over 700,000 years old. The cave is a natural work of art with incredible formations.
    Nea Fokea
    Nea Fokea is a relatively large town up in the north on the east side of Kassandra where the Apostle Paul is supposed to have lived. Worth a visit not only for the fine tower but also the picturesque little harbor with the Tavernan Sofia. The food is superb.
    There are many organized excursions you can do. E.g. a day trip to Thessaloniki for chopping, a boat trip to Munk Island or a trip to Meteora.
    Pella is an archaeological site worth a visit. Pella was once the capital of Macedonia.

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