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    Parga is not an island, although it feels so thanks to the relaxed atmosphere, but it is a village by the sea on the mainland. Parga is suitable for those who want a relaxing holiday without loudly entertaining people and high volume music. Here is a relaxed calm. The village is not over-touristed even though there are plenty of hotels. Parga climbs up the hillside and consists of lovely alleys to hike in. From the sea, Parga offers a view that is perfect for a postcard.

    Parga consists of wonderful beaches, cozy restaurants and a wonderful nature. Rent a car to discover nearby attractions.

  • Travel information

    Aktion Airport is located in Preveza (the same as Lefkas) one hour's drive from Parga.
    You can travel to Parga with a charter company.
    Either a complete trip with accommodation or an air chair and then book accommodation separately.
    It is also possible to fly scheduled flights, but this often means several flight changes.
    There is a local bus to Parga but it is easiest to book transfers if you fly scheduled flights. See link below.

  • Sights

    In the river Acheron, the goddess Thetis dipped his son Achilles to make him invulnerable. When she held him in the heel it was not dipped so it did not become invulnerable, hence the name Achilles heel. Beautiful nature to walk in.
    Castle of Parga
    A castle from the 1000s is located on the top of the mountain outside Parga. It was built to defend Parga against attacks from the sea. The view is wonderful.
    Metsova is a village known for its smoked cheese. It is similar to an alpine village with a half-timbered house and offers good ski slopes during the winter.
    A lovely green valley just 3 km north of Parga. Here lies the village of Anthusa where life consists of drinking frappé  and playing games. There are several tavernas and cafes which makes it a nice outing for lunch or coffee.

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