• About

    Paros is known for its fine traditional architecture, its beautiful beaches and its nightlife. There are many beautiful beaches with clear water and golden sand. The southeast side is especially popular for windsurfers.
    Paros is a mecca for shopping. On Market Street in Parikia, and in Naousa's lanes, gold shops and trendy clothing stores are close.
    The best nightlife is found in Parikia where the bars open late and close in the morning. The youths party and dance the nights throughout the summer.
    In Naoussa it is quieter but there are still plenty of tavernas and bars.

    There are many organized day trips to the neighboring islands throughout the summer.

  • Travel information

    You can travel to Paros with a charter company.
    Either a complete trip with accommodation or an air chair and then book accommodation separately.
    You fly to Santorini and then by boat to Paros. The boat trip takes about 3 hours.
    You can also fly to Athens and further by boat from the port of Piraeus to Syros.

    Bus X96 goes from Athens airport to Piraeus.

  • Sights

    Cultural Park of Paros
    Park with easy hiking trails to suit everyone. Beautiful place where you pass a few beaches and an amphitheater where concerts are also held in the summer. It takes an hour to walk around including a swim in the ocean.
    A leafy butterfly valley with incredibly fine cypresses. Entrance fee
    Marble caves
    Since ancient times, Paros is known for its marble. The area was renovated not too long ago. You can even enter the caves. Here you go on your own. It is located in Marathi 5 km east of Parikia.
    Panagia Ekatontapiliani
    The Church of the Hundred Doors is considered one of Greece's most significant Byzantine monuments. Began to be built in the 300s and has undergone several renovations over the years. Located near the city park.

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