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    Rhodes has the most sunshine hours per year in Greece and is therefore suitable as a destination for sun and bathing. It is also one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It is not long distances if you want to get around on exploration. It is beautiful nature with large parts of mountains and quite a bit of forest growth. The best beaches are on the east coast where most of the tourist resorts are also located. All resorts on the island have good beaches but you who prefer peace and quiet should choose the west coast where there are not so many tourist resorts. The downside is that it blows a lot from the west and the beaches are not so shallow.
    Rhodes city offers good shopping and rich nightlife.
    Don't miss the old town of Rhodes, nor the mighty Acropolis cliff. The nature of the butterfly valley is also something to enjoy.

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    You can travel to Rhodes with a charter company.
    It is also possible to fly scheduled flight but this can sometimes means more changes.

  • Sights

    Acropolis cliff in Lindos
    In Lindos, which is a beautiful little village with 1000 inhabitants on the center of the east coast, about 5 km from Rhodes town, lies the mighty Acropolis cliff (not to be confused with the Acropolis of Athens).
    The butterfly valley in Petaloudes
    One of the most visited destinations in Rhodes. During the latter part of the summer, the valley is littered with thousands of butterflies that mate. In the spring new butterflies are born from the pups, which is a sensational spectacle. The road here has an incredibly beautiful nature.
    Epta Piges
    A little paradise to visit when the heat is too intense. Beautiful crystal clear lake that is replenished by seven sources. To get to the lake you have to walk in a 150 meter long tunnel with water up over your feet.
    Beautiful mountain village with incredible views. Honey is sold directly by the producers.

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