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    Santorini is a strange island. If you come by boat, you get the feeling of being completely enclosed by the island. The contours of the main island and the smaller neighbor island rise like high walls.
    In the middle of the lagoon, there are a couple of small islands of petrified lava that remind you that Santorini is a volcanic island. The island is quite small and it is easy to get anywhere and back the same day. If you enjoy doing nothing but lying on a sandy beach, this is a perfect excursion destination with boiling springs, ancient ruins, wonderful views and local wine making. The capital Fira clings over the cliff edge towards the lagoon. The city is incredibly beautiful but lacks the old charm which is because it had to be rebuilt after the 1956 earthquake.
    On the pedestrian streets that are closest to the sea, there are plenty of jewelry stores and other tourist traps with far too high prices. Fira is the only city on the island and most people come here to shop or have fun.

  • Travel information

    You can travel to Santorini with a charter company.
    Either a complete trip with accommodation or an air chair and then book accommodation separately.
    You can also fly scheduled flight to Santorini, directly or via Athens.

  • Sights

    Santorini has one of the largest cultivation areas in the Greek island world and a large part is used for grape cultivation. There are about 10 wineries on the island and almost all offer tasting and some kind of walking tour.
    At the bottom of the south is a lighthouse that is 120 years old but has been renovated. The lighthouse itself is not that remarkable, but the views from it are amazing.
    Santorini's main attraction as it is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Here you can experience how the people lived during the Minoan times. You are actually impressed with the building art from that time.
    Antique Thira
    At the top of Mount Mesa Vouno lies the ancient city of Thira. Derived from about 900 BC Most are in ruins but some are left to see, an ancient theater, the temple dedicated to Dionysus, several significant tombs.

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