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    Guardamar del Segura is known for its kilometer-long fine sandy beaches.
    There is a long street higher up in the city with lots of different shops and a lively market every Wednesday morning.
    At the harbor which is a bit away, the walk and bike start along the road along Rio Segura. Adjacent to it are two wonderful parks, Alfonso and Reina Sofia. Alfonso Park's pine trees and dunes connect the city to the harbor and offer a flat walk and bike path.
    Reina Sofia Park has shady trees, rolling grassy hills, artificial ponds and many animals such as squirrels, ducks, turtles and peacocks. Adjacent to the park is an illuminated night-open market and an illuminated adventure playground that is a paradise for children. All this guarantees a pleasant evening out.
    Guardamar has probably Spain's best and longest beaches with beautiful white sand and shallow baths.
    Guardamar is a paradise for sun and baths, walks and bike rides.
    There are many restaurants and bars in town and along the beach.
    The city is a Spanish tourist town and there are many from Madrid (Madridians), who live here during the summer. Everyone is out in the city until very late in the evenings, old and young. No drunk and everyone is happy.
    It's not a youth city, but there are some nightclubs and discos.

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    You will travel to Guardamar on your own.

    You fly scheduled flights to Alicante.
    From the airport you take a bus, taxi or rental car.

    It is 33 km from Alicante Airport to Guardamar.


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    Guardamar Moncayo Beach
    Incredibly fine and shallow beach. Ideal for families with children. Plenty of room for everyone.
    Reina Sofia Park
    Large park that caters to children of all ages. Large lake and animals walking freely around the park. Good for walking. Only two minutes to the city center.
    Parque Alfonso XIII
    Fantastic park within walking distance through a pine forest to the city, beach and marina. Wonderful with shade under the trees in summertime.
    Castillo de Guardamar
    There is not much left of the castle, some of the exterior walls are all that remains. Nice views.

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