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    Helsinki is a nice city. If you choose to travel here by boat from Sweden you will come directly to the center. The trip however takes 12 hours but if you like to have fun on the boat then it is nice way to travel. From Helsinki Airport, you reach the city center by Finnair bus which leaves every 20 minutes. Helsinki has a large selection of restaurants, bars and shops and when it comes to moving around the city it is very nice here with the trams.
    The range of restaurants is large and you can choose from most food cultures including the Russian.
    Expect a price level from medium to high.

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    Finnair's transfer bus to the city center is recommended from Helsinki airport.
    It is fast, cheap and several departures per hour.

  • Sights

    Old Market Hall
    Gamla Saluhallen has served its customers since 1889. In the hall's assortment there are cheese, fish, seafood, meat, vegetables and much more.
    The Cathedral

    Began to be built after drawings by C.L. Angel and was completed after his death in 1852. The church offers crypt with exhibitions and concerts.
    Borgbackens amusement park
    Since 1950, Borgbacken has been the place for the whole family. The roller coaster that is over 50 years old and built of wood is still the most popular attraction.
    The National Museum
    Describes the history of Finland from prehistoric times to our days.
    Ateneum Art Museum
    The country's largest collections of art from the 1750s to the 1960s.
    Sveaborgs sea fortress
    Sveaborg's museum fortress was founded in 1748 under the leadership of Augustin Ehrenswaard outside Helsinki and is one of the world's largest sea fortresses.
    Sibelius Monument
    In the Sibelius Park 
    is the world famous composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) memorial created by Eila Hiltunen.

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