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    In Copenhagen you always feel welcome because the Danes are very hospitable. Here is something for all ages, fun, shopping for all tastes and price levels, clubs, bars with all types of music and a cultural offering to suit everyone.
    Strøget is the main street for tourists. When you arrive, it can be nice to stroll around here and look at everything that is offered to the tourists by all street vendors and musicians, but you have to be aware that everything is more expensive than on the side streets. If you have been here a few times you are happy to look for other streets. It is enough to walk a block on the side of Strøget to find that e.g. a glass of beer can be 15 dkk cheaper. Nyhavn is a very popular pub and restaurant district. It's nice to walk around here or sit and have a beer at one of the restaurants.
    When you get tired of Ströget and Nyhavn we recommend Nørrebro, which is a little west of Nørreport station. Many small cozy shops, antique shops, small restaurants and pubs with lower prices than in the center. Especially recommend a visit to Nørrebro Brewery for those who love beer (not cheap but good). Brewery with restaurant is located on Ryesgade.

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    From Copenhagen Airport, metro to the city center is recommended.
    It is fast, cheap and several departures per hour.

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    Amusement park (Tivoli)
    A wonderful amusement park in the middle of town for the whole family.

    The Marble Church is an impressive church built by Frederik the 5th.
    Monarch's residence in Copenhagen. If the flag is at its peak, the regents are at home. The castle consists of four palaces.
    Gefion spring water
    Gefion spring water is a great fountain. The myth tells of the goddess Gefion who was allowed to keep the land she could plow out of Sweden for one night.
    The port was excavated by Swedish prisoners of war in 1670-73 as an alternative to the old port. The oldest house, Nyhavn 9, dates from 1681. For many years Nyhavn was one of the darkest neighborhoods in the city.
    The museum is primarily a sculpture museum where the emphasis is on antique sculpture from the ancient cultures around the Mediterranean.
    The little Mermaid
    The Little Mermaid illustrates H.C. Andersen's adventure of the same name.

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