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    Madeira is located in the Atlantic Ocean approx. 445 km north of Tenerife. The island can be likened to a large floating garden and feels like a sanctuary where peace prevails if you ignore the capital Funchal. Madeira is only 56 km long and 21 km wide but it is impossible to get around the island in one day. The island was created after a volcanic eruption and the landscape is incredibly distorted with high mountains and deep valleys, making the roads very crooked and difficult. The average speed is very low and you can only plan short day stages. Funchal is built on hills that descend steeply towards the sea. The city actually does best in the distance. The climate is nice all year round, just over 20 degrees in winter and 25-30 degrees in summer. The best thing is to rent a car and discover the island on your own. There is much to see and it is an experience and a great challenge to drive along the incredibly winding roads that go steeply up and down the valleys. The nature experience is absolutely incredible. Madeira is nothing to recommend for those who like to lie on the beach and enjoy as there are no beaches on the island. It is bathing from cliffs and specially arranged bathing ramps and pool areas with salt water. At the arranged bathing places it is often full of people who are tightly packed.
    For those who like to hike, there are many wonderful trails to follow. Many people like to hike the levadas, the water channels that go down the mountainsides down to the valleys. The water, which is cold and crystal clear, is just fine for drinking.

  • Travel information

    You can travel to Madeira with a charter company.
    Either a complete trip with accommodation or an air chair and then book accommodation separately.
    It is also possible to fly scheduled flights to Madeira.
    From the airport you take bus, taxi or rental car if you have not booked your own car which is recommended in order to experience the beauty of the island.

  • Sights

    Cathedral of Funchal
    The Cathedral of Sé is worth a visit where you see examples of the early godly faith.
    Museum da Quinta das Cruzes

    The palace built for the first ruler on the island. It is built on a hill so that the ruler could have control of everything and everyone who came to the island and traveled from the island. There is much antique furniture and art, a beautiful chapel, many lounges, an orchid garden and archaeological park.
    Convento de Santa Clara
    Very beautiful monastery built by nuns. Located next to the palace.
    Madeira is known for its incredibly versatile nature. The northern coast offers one type of spectacle and the southern one quite another. If you are looking for volcanic nature and rugged cliffs, the coasts are the ones that apply. Here you get almost a religious experience because of the mighty nature, the blue sky, the green mountains and the incredible plant life.
    There are many vineyards that are worth a visit. They produce the famous Madeira wine and here you get the opportunity to walk around and see the whole process behind the wine making.

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