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Puerto de Mogan

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    Puerto de Mogan is a cozy little community in southwest Gran Canaria. If you are looking for peace and quiet with sun and bath in a picturesque environment then this is where you will travel.
    It is so idyllic that tourists from other places in Gran Canaria come here for a visit to the harbor where fishing boats and sailboats are located and the small town with pedestrian streets, small bridges, climbing bougainvillae and Canary wooden balconies. You can live first class high up in the valley or in Puerto de Mogan with close to everything.
    If you take a walk along the harbor promenade, you can settle down at one of the nice cafes and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.
    There are a number of good restaurants, many with an emphasis on seafood.
    The small beach, located near the center of Puerto de Mogan, is shallow and consists of light, fine sand.
    From Puerto de Mogan harbor, boat trips to other places such as Puerto Rico, Anfi and Arguineguin.
    Don't miss the Friday market. Then the two squares are filled with stalls where everything is sold from art objects, bags and jewelry to traditional things.
    If you are not tempted to shop, you can just stroll around and enjoy the public life.

  • Travel information

    You can travel to Gran Canaria with a charter company.
    Either a complete trip with accommodation or an air chair and then book accommodation separately.
    It is also possible to fly scheduled flights.
    From the airport you take bus, taxi or rental car.

    It is 54 km highway to Puerto de Mogan from the airport.


  • Sights

    On Fridays at 9-14 there is a market in Puerto de Mogan. There, leather goods, scarves, bags, hats and African crafts are sold and much more.

    Read about sights on Gran Canaria on the Maspalomas page.
    During the description of Maspalomas we also tell a little about pleasure and excursions.

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