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    It is an extraordinary experience when you come to Rome with all the historic old beautiful buildings that you read about and seen on TV.
    Be sure to avoid restaurants and pubs around all attractions where prices are double. It is enough to walk a couple of blocks and the price of a beer has dropped to half the price.
    In Rome, you must clearly indicate that you want service. If you do not contact the staff of a restaurant yourself then nothing happens.
    When it comes to sights, it's the elbows that apply. Do not queue at the Coliseum as it may take hours to enter. Buy a double ticket to the Palatine and if you then go to the Coliseum, just pass the entire queue, pull your card into the entrance lock and enter. There are often a huge number of people queuing. The best thing is to stay centrally. It is relatively expensive to stay centrally but it is usually special price during holiday times so it is worth looking for hotels with good prices in the city center with proximity to all the attractions. Quirinal is the best neighborhood to live in. Lots to see in the area and close to the train station and all bus connections. Take the train to and from the airport, it is the most convenient. It takes 10 minutes to walk from the station to the Qirinal district. It is enough to buy a bottle of water then just fill up with the clear water that flows out of the special drinking water taps around the entire city. Do not drink from the fountains.

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    From the airport, trains to the city center are recommended.
    It is fast, cheap and runs several departures per hour.

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    The Colosseum began to be built 72 AD. of Vespanius and inaugurated by his son Emperor Titus 80 AD but Emperor Domitian was the one who completed it all. The name Colosseum comes from the colossal statue of Emperor Nero that stood next to the site where the arena was built.
    Fontana di Trevi

    The fountain was designed and started to be built in 1640 by Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini but was clearly built in 1736 by Nicola Salvi. Fontana di Trevi gets its water from a 2000 year old aqueduct.
    The pantheon was originally erected by Agrippa between 27-25 BC as a temple for all gods. The temple was later completely rebuilt between 120-125 AD. of emperors
    The Vatican has been the pope's residence from 1378. The Vatican City is completely surrounded by a 3200 meter long wall and it is usually estimated the number of inhabitants is about 1000 people.
     Forum romanum
    The Forum romanum was the center of ancient Rome for trade, politics and religion.

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