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    It is said that it is raining a lot here so an umbrella is a must. The old town is the one that applies here and you notice it when you come here because there are always a lot of people on the famous trade and pedestrian street Getreidegasse, where Mozart's birthplace is also located. There is a cozy atmosphere throughout the old town with the large castle up on the mountain that watches all over town. The castle, which is one of the largest and most well-preserved in Europe, must be visited. Here lived Archbishop Burkhard von Weisspriach 1461-1466 and never left the castle because he felt threatened by the people. The fortress was constantly threatened by warlords but no one managed to get in. There are several museums here. You can walk all the way up or ride the funicular that takes you up in a minute.
    In the old town there are many cafes and restaurants with varying price levels. The cathedral that burned down in 1598 was rebuilt in Italian style after that.
    Drink coffee at any cafe in the altenmarkt in the middle of the old town and enjoy the old buildings and study the public life.
    The city is visited daily by about 5000 tourists, year-round.

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    From Salzburg Airport, take the bus or taxi to the city center.
    It is only a few km.

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    Schloss Hellbrunn
    In the middle of beautiful fountains and lush gardens you will find the castle Hellbrunn, which used to be a summer home for the Archbishop of Salzburg. It is a good attraction to take the children to, as there is an adjacent playground.
    Mozart's birth house
    Mozart's family lived in this house in Salzburg from 1747 to 1773, where Mozart himself was born January 27, 1756. Today, the house is a museum.
    The Fort Hohensalzburg
    At the top of a mountain, Hohensalzburg offers a wonderful view of Salzburg. Inside the fort you will find a museum containing medieval weapons and torture tools.
    Salzburg Zoo
    The zoo is located at the foot of Hellbrunner Mountain and has about 800 animals. The zoo is also handicapped accessible and dogs are allowed if they are linked in short leashes.
    Salzburger Dom
    This impressive 17th-century Baroque cathedral is centrally located and is dedicated to Rupert of Salzburg. And it was also here that Mozart was baptized.

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