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    Sweden's capital was founded in 1187. It is the most populous city in the Nordic countries. The population is about 2.2 million in the entire municipality. The Stockholm archipelago has about 30,000 islands. It is a rich cultural life in Stockholm with one of the largest cultural institutes in Sweden. There are three World Heritage Sites on UNESCO's World Heritage List and it is Drottningholm Castle, Birka and Forest Cemetery. Public transport is extensive with commuter trains, metro, local trains, tram, bus and archipelago boats. Outside Stockholm is Sweden's largest airport, Arlanda.
    Stockholm has many attractions, experiences, activities and plenty of restaurants and cafes. There is always something to do. If you like museums, there are many to choose from. Among other things, the Abba Museum, the Nordic Museum, the Nobel Museum and so on. A must in Stockholm, it is to visit Skansen. Here there is an open-air museum, zoo, old houses, and there are activities all year round.
    There are also many other attractions such as Stockholm Castle, Stockholm City Hall and Drottningholm Castle. A must is also Old Town, which has the most you can imagine. Everything from old houses to shopping, restaurants and bars.
    Wherever you are in Stockholm you always find places where you can eat or drink. As there is plenty of water in and around Sockholm it is wonderful to walk around and just enjoy in the summer time.

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    From the airport  Arlanda you can easily take a bus or train to the city center.
    Taxi can also be taken but it is more expensive than trains and buses.
    If you are a number of occupants, it may be worthwhile to take a taxi.

  • Sights

    Old town with Stockholm Castle
    Old town with cobblestones, alleys and old buildings. Wander among cozy cafes, restaurants, cozy shops and trendy art galleries.
    Skansen tops the sights in Stockholm. A living museum where the past meets the present. You get a trip back in time among old houses and beautiful gardens. You can eat or have a coffee and watch the Nordic animals.
    Gröna lund
    The amusement park Grönna lund is nicely situated by the water at Djurgården and offers sugar candy, chocolate wheels and carousels, etc. Open April to September.
    The ABBA Museum
    Look at exhibitions with stage clothes and gold records, follow guided tours.
    The Vaasa Museum
    The Vasa Museum is about the grand 16th-century regal ship that sank outside the harbor on its maiden voyage. It was salvaged from the water in 1961.
    Boat out in the archipelago
    There are 30,000 islands and islets that are perfect for salty baths, bike rides and coffee breaks. There are three companies that operate the archipelago by boat.

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