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    Venice is a romantic city in northeastern Italy and many tourists go here to take a cozy boat trip in one of the many gondolas or just enjoy the Italian cuisine. Venice is located on a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea and is a good holiday destination for love couples, families or friends. It is a beautiful city and here you can see attractions such as the Basilica of San Marco (St. Mark's Basilica), Palazzo Grassi, and the main square of Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square).
    The inhabitants are called Venetians and are very nice, talkative and helpful.
    Venice is not known for its nightlife but here it is more common to sit in peace and quiet at a bar with good friends.
    Venice's history goes back to ancient times and the city has for a long time been an important trading center because of its proximity to the sea.
    Prices are a little higher here than in the rest of Italy and especially after the tourist routes. Go into the alleys where you will find more affordable places. One tip is to check where the gondoliers eat. There it is usually very affordable and good food.
    In Venice, boats and gondolas are used for transport when there are no ordinary roads. The best thing is to walk because the city is not so big. You can also go by a vaporetto (city ferry) which is a bus on water. It's a convenient way to get around the city if you don't want to or can walk.

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    From Venice Airport, bus to the city center is recommended.
    It is fast and there are several departures per hour.
    You can also take a taxi boat but it is quite expensive.

  • Sights

    Basilica di San Marco
    The St. Mark's Church, here the Renaissance style is mixed with Roman and Byzantine architecture and all the gold that the building is adorned with has given it the nickname Ciesa d'Oro (Gold Church).
    Piazza San Marco
    Piazza San Marco is the main square that is centrally located. There are lots of pigeons and tourists who want to visit this well-known square. In the middle of it are the Basilica of San Marco (St. Mark's Basilica), Palazzo Ducale di Venezia (Doge's Palace) and also the bell tower Kampanilen, which is also Venice's tallest building.
    Galleria dell’Accademia
    Art museum filled with Venetian art. The museum is located in the Dorsoduro district of Campo della Caritá and is open every day but shorter on Mondays. Here you can see works by Bellini, Leonardo da Vinci and Giorgione and Carpaccio etc.
    All Venice
    The whole of Venice is an attraction. Walking around all the alleys is an experience in itself and where you least expect it can pop up a bar or a small restaurant.

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